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10 Affirmations To Live By

It’s so hard to break free from bad habits that cause negative thoughts because we often believe that we are not worthy of the happiness we deserve. Even the advice that we sometimes get from our loved ones backfires because we might feel scared at the possibility of not being able to live up to their expectations or because we simply see ourselves negatively.

However, scientific studies have demonstrated that affirmations have a positive effect on the brain, especially when we repeat affirmations about our future. Which is why it is so important to think and even say positive things such as: “I will pass that exam” or “I will get that job” – as opposed to limiting your potential because “I didn’t do well last time” or “I didn’t get those other jobs I applied for.”

It is therefore very important that you start taking control of your present and your future by repeating daily affirmations into the universe to get back that positive energy you've been waiting for. Here are 10 affirmations to that will get you on the path to living your best life:

  1. I am in charge; I pave my road and choose the direction it takes.

  2. I am courageous.

  3. I embody happiness; negative emotions do not define me.

  4. I can set my mind to any project and my potential to complete them has no limits.

  5. People value my work; I am worth their investment.

  6. The obstacles on my road to happiness are temporary; I will learn from them.

  7. I value my body and mind and make healthy decisions to treasure them.

  8. I am surrounded by love and kindness.

  9. I am grateful for this day and the joy it will bring.

  10. I am at peace with myself.

Try these affirmations or any affirmation that you need in your life. I personally love affirmations in the morning, a perfect way to start the day. If you are interested in changing your life, looking for motivation, or making your dreams into reality, take 10 minutes to listen to my latest podcast or watch my latest vlogcast.

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