• Monica Singer

Four Self-Care Tips for New Moms

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, gave birth to a baby

boy and his name is Archie Harrison Montbatten-Windsor! As the royal baby announcement

is celebrated by many in different countries, we should also take the time to raise awareness on

the importance of being a mother.

Whether you’re a new parent like Prince Harry and Meghan or on your way to a second

or third child, it is essential that you prepare for motherhood by prioritizing yourself. With lots of

information out there and friends and loved ones giving you a wide-range of opinions on how to

care for a newborn, it is easy to be overwhelmed.

Therefore, we will just go over four ways you can prioritize yourself so that you can be

stronger and raise a better baby.

1. Schedule Alone Time

It is in your instinct (and rightfully so) to give everything to your child. But it is also crucial that

you give to yourself. A happy mother equals a happy child, after all. Self-care begins with

pampering yourself: take a break from mom duties and enjoy a warm cup of tea; catch up on all

of the shows you’ve been meaning to watch; relax in a soothing bath with light music on.

2. The Importance of Friends and Loved Ones

The African proverb “It takes a village to raise a child” refers to the benefit a community’s

interaction with a child has on his/her growth. However, mothers also need a community of

friends and loved ones to lean on during stress, the baby blues, or postpartum depression. Your

loved ones ae the crucial emotional outlet you need because they will nourish you with much-

needed support.

3. Accept Help!

We can often be prideful and neglect the help family and friends offer, but just as their company

is crucial to mental and emotional well-being, so is their assistance around the house. If your

mom offers to prepare dinner for you and the baby, let her. If your friends want to help with

groceries, let them. Let go of your pride and allow your “village” so-to-speak to be there for you.

4. Make Time for Your Partner

Your relationship with your partner is as important as your relationship with yourself and your

baby. This relationship is not just your source for love and support, but it is also the unit that will

shape the life of your new baby. If you don’t preserve the bond you have with your partner, the

union – along with your child – will suffer. Maintaining an open and honest communication will

ensure that each other’s needs are met. It’s okay to disagree, so long as you both do it


Self-care does not mean that you’re putting yourself before your baby, it means that

you’re investing in a stronger Self that will be ready for the needs of your child. It can be as easy

as packing a change of baby clothes, diapers, and wipes in the stroller and going for a walk

everyday with your baby. You’ll clear your mind, bond with your baby, and feel re-energized.

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