• Monica Singer

Four Ways to Inspire Your Children

Children are such a beautiful blessing that inspire us to be the best we can ever be. They

bring us so much joy and make us want to be very successful so that we can provide them with

everything they need and want. I am a mother and know what it means to wake up everyday,

thankful for having the privilege to raise two precious boys. But as all mothers know, the

happiness of our children comes first and although that is typically the case, we sometimes don’t

know how to make our kids happy.

It’s easy to get lost in trying to protect our children, doing everything we can to keep

them safe. Security is, of course, critical to the welfare of our kids, but we should also be

proactive in fostering happiness in our children. They too deserve to wake up everyday feeling

inspired and full of imagination. Here are some of the ways I feel we can inspire our children to

grow strong, independent, and happy.

1. Some things are not standard,

understand that each kid is different.

Even if you have two or more children, you can’t use the same teachings and approach for both of them and expect the same results. Moreover, your kids can be of two different genders or have completely different personalities. Therefore, to ensure that your kid(s) is happy and blossoming, be attentive to their specific needs. Look for different ways your child can learn and maximize the one(s) he/she is the strongest in. Chances are that your child’s strength will lead to his/her happiness.

2. Celebrate Effort More Than Results. As adults, we are preoccupied more with results than effort exerted. Although this may be reasonable to an extent, for a child that’s barely developing their capabilities and sense of worth, it is more important to teach them the value of discipline and perseverance. Your child should learn to appreciate the journey of his/her tasks and activities. Cheering him/her along the way will let them know that the process is important and will also inspire them to dig into their own creativity to figure things out on their own. Once they learn to trust themselves and their work ethic, they will have the strength to persevere through failures and the sensitivity to learn from them.

3. Engage Them in Hands-on Activities. Playing with a game or an app on a tablet does not

count as hands-on. Instead, get crafty with your kid(s) and teach them to get their “hands dirty”

with projects. Imagine how great it will be to build a bird-house together and the creativity (and

confidence!) you will fuel as they come up with the size, style, and color. Hands-on activities

will teach your kid the value of tools and how to implement them. If you encourage them to

experiment and troubleshoot problems they can hold with their hands, you will foster their

creativity to solve them on their own.

4. Lead by Example. Most importantly, it’s crucial that you behave like you want your kids to

behave and do what you ask them to do. By being a great role model, you will be an example of

what you preach, and not a contradiction that will confuse and disappoint them. Your children

will learn more from you if you work alongside them instead of just telling them what to do.

Show them that you care about what you say by backing it up with actions. Leading by example

and working together will show your child that you are more than a parent – you are an ally.

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