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Four Ways to Motivate Others

Whether it is friendly, romantic, or professional, any relationship that you’re a part of will soon require you to motivate someone else to achieve a goal. Building a foundation of trust where communication flows through all channels and is clear may be challenging if you assume more about others than you actually learn from them. These are four ways you can motivate others in order to maximize potential and reach desired goals.

1. Be the example of success you want to see in others

You may be familiar with this concept, “Be the change you want to see in the world, but it’s worth repeating anyway because you can’t inspire positive change from those around you if your behavior is inconsistent and your reputation poor. In order to expect more from your loved ones, friends, and colleagues, you have to demonstrate that you too can live up to the same expectations.

2. Learn to listen

We may think that we’re helping someone by giving them a sermon on where they made a mistake and how they can improve, but this is counterproductive. It is better to listen to what their goals are and to learn what it is that they want. In doing so, you will then learn what motivates them, which will help you provide them with the tools to achieve their potential.

3. Focus on emotions

Your personal relationships are not cold and serious and quite frankly neither is a workplace. We often do what we feel is right and sometimes don’t do the right things because we don’t feel it. Whether it’s stress, depression, or lack of inspiration, our behavior doesn’t change if we don’t first change our feelings. Make your loved ones and coworkers feel the right way, appreciated and valued.

4. Establish a clear vision and make sure that it is shared

If you have been a great example to follow, have listened carefully, and emotionally engaged others, then uniting people under a common goal will be easy. You will be able to establish a culture of shared principles and commitment that will bring out the best in your colleagues. People will go the extra mile because they will believe in the relationship, project, you, and most importantly – themselves.

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