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New Airbnb Rules for Los Angeles

It took the Los Angeles City Council three years to deliberate over how to regulate Airbnb, an online marketplace where people can rent their homes for a short period of time, but they finally did it back in December 2018. Airbnb has been a contested topic for quite a while, with some arguing that Airbnb is destroying neighborhoods and bringing down their value, and others strongly in favor of it because it helps them pay their rent. No matter the argument you support, as of July 1, 2019, new rules have gone into effect that will change the way you rent through Airbnb.

If you plan on renting your home, you must first register with LA’s Department of City Planning and pay a fee of $89. You should register as soon as possible because enforcement will begin on November 1, 2019. If you were using a second home to rent via Airbnb then you are out of luck now; only your primary residence can be registered and rented. A primary residence is defined as the one you live in for at least 6 months a year.

How long can I rent for? Under these new rules, you can only rent for no more than 120 days in one calendar year. That comes out to about 4 months. If you want to rent for more than 120 days a year, you have to register for something called “extended home-sharing.” There are two ways you can qualify for this registration: 1) you must be registered the normal way for at least 6 months or 2) hosted your home for at least 60 days. Most significantly, this “extended home-sharing” registration will incur a fee of $850. BEWARE: if in the past 3 years you received a citation, you will be disqualified from registering for “extended home-sharing.” If you want your case to be reviewed, you will have to pay $5,660.

Renting Apartments. If you want to list your apartment on Airbnb, you are required to obtain a signed and notarized affidavit from your landlord, stating their approval, and submit it to the city. However, if you live in a rent-controlled apartment (also known as rent-stabilized apartment), you cannot be an Airbnb host.

Make sure to check in with LA’s Department of City Planning for more information on how to properly host via Airbnb in Los Angeles before you end up in violation of the Home-Sharing Ordinance.

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