• Monica Singer

Recognizing How Summer Affects Your Motivation

Summer is a great time of the year for many people. With a nice pleasant sunny day, you can’t help but want to be outside enjoying yourself with family and friends. The added benefit of Vitamin D that we get from the sun is another great reason to be outside. Vitamin D helps our bodies absorb calcium, as well as support the healthy function of our immune system. But all this sunshine and joyous season can also affect our motivation in negative ways while also decreasing our productivity.

Turns out that the same happiness that summer brings with it is also a powerful contributor to distractions at work. Recent studies have demonstrated that when the weather is nice, productivity falls. In contrast when the weather is bad, workers become more productive. Other tests were done where a group of people were given photographs that showed a pleasant day outdoors; when the workers got back to work, they started to daydream about things they’d rather be doing outdoors instead of focusing on the assignment they needed to complete.

It’s pretty wild to think that we become lazier when the weather is pleasant. But it’s not really hard to see why if you think about it some more; after all, many people love it when it rains as it calms them and even helps them fall asleep. What tends to happen during the summer is that all of the fun activities or things we’d rather do outside come to dominate our minds that it reduces the energy and concentration we have left for work.

In other words, your mind wanders off into in more relaxing thoughts and your work suffers for it because most of your attention is with the pleasant thoughts while your brain uses shortcuts to complete your job. What’s worse is that when the humidity is high, concentration levels decrease and you also get sleepy. Really hot summers can also affect your perception and your behavior towards others, not just your emotions.

Next time you’re feeling slow or angry at work, know that the weather can be a huge factor. Sometimes we may feel a little crazy at not knowing what’s causing our slow day at work or the short-fuse we have with people. So stay hydrated and cool in order to keep your peace of mind and motivation.

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