• Monica Singer

When to Ditch Your Real Estate Agent

Buying a home is a long and hard process that can quickly become a nightmare if you don’t have a great real estate agent by your side. A great agent will be attentive to your every need and vigilant to any potential problems you may face. She or he will be quick to respond and proactive in showing you a lot of homes that fit your budget and standards. Unfortunately, there are times when some agents just don’t share your enthusiasm for buying a new home – or are simply incompetent. If your agent is guilty of the following, then it’s time to leave them.

1. Rushing you when you’re looking at properties:

Buying a home is not cheap by any means; you have to invest a lot of money and time. A great agent will not rush you from one house to the next – or worse – leave you at a property because they have another client waiting for them. If you think you’re not being guided properly through this journey, or feel like you’re being rushed into buying a home you don’t love, then it’s time to ditch your agent.

2. Rushing you when signing documents

The purchase of a house is a very serious investment with a lot of fine print. An agent should not be rushing you to sign on the dotted line without letting you read the entire document at your pace. Remember, you are there to buy a new home, not to give the agent another sell.

3. Overlooking repairs

It is quite likely that you will visit a property that will need repairs, but that doesn’t mean that you must deal with them. It definitely is possible to negotiate a deal where the seller fixes all of the problems before handing the keys to you. What shouldn’t happen is for your agent to dismiss these problems or for him to make you feel like you must accept the house as is. You deserve to move into a great house that gives you peace of mind.

4. Trying to convince you that a home inspection isn’t necessary

Similar to overlooking repairs, a home inspection should never be ignored. Don’t just take the seller’s word that everything is “basically alright” – there may even be problems with the house that the seller didn’t know existed. Your agent should advise you to have the house inspected before purchasing it. Otherwise, you won’t really know the life expectancy of your potential home. If your agent isn’t pushing for a home inspection, then you need to push that agent out of your life.

5. Plain ol’ rudeness

No one likes a rude person. If your agent is not communicating with you as much as you’d like, has a bad attitude, or comes across as dishonest, then it’s time to ditch him/her. There is no excuse; your agent should always fulfill his/her obligations as stipulated in the contract. A great agent will make sure that all of your requirements are met – and in the event that they are unable to advocate for your best interest, they will refer you to someone who can.

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